Dr. Leon Lian Yong Chen

Dr. Chen is CEO and a founding partner of 6 Dimensions Capital, a major healthcare investment firm with coverage across China and the United States. A seasoned life sciences venture capitalist, management executive, entrepreneur and scientific inventor, Dr. Chen founded Frontline BioVentures in 2012, which merged with WuXi Healthcare Ventures in May 2017 to form 6 Dimensions Capital.  A PhD graduate of the University of Louvain-La-Neuve with an undergraduate degree from Peking University, Dr. Chen conducted post-doctoral work at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is the holder of six issued United States patents. He was a key member of the discovery team of Zytia/Vytorin, a multimillion dollar drug, while working with Schering-Plough, now part of Merck & Co., the pharmaceutical giant. As a management consultant, his past affiliations include McKinsey & Company in Brussels, Belgium; Ernst & Young in Palo Alto, California; and Life Science Strategic Consulting in San Francisco, Californa.