111, Inc. Teams Up with Huluwa Pharmaceutical to Explore the New Domain of "Internet + pharmaceutical"

SHANGHAI, Oct. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- On September 24, 111, Inc. (NASDAQ: YI) (the "Company" or "111") and Hainan Huluwa Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. (SH: 605199) ("Huluwa Pharmaceutical") signed a strategic partnership agreement in Shanghai.

Mrs. LIU Jingping, Chairperson of Huluwa Pharmaceutical, and Dr. YU Gang, Co-founder and Executive Chairman of 111, attended the signing ceremony. Under the partnership, 111 will become the omni-channel drug commercialization partner of Huluwa Pharmaceutical. Both parties agreed to collaborate on "Internet + Pharmaceutical" initiatives through leveraging 111's integrated smart supply chains system to optimize the market reach of Huluwa Pharmaceutical's pediatric healthcare products. In addition, the two companies will continue to support innovation through data and AI to enhance digital marketing and other value-additive capabilities.

In her keynote speech at the signing ceremony, Mrs. LIU Jingping mentioned that Huluwa Pharmaceutical and 111 have a solid foundation to collaborate with the goal to leverage 111's advanced digital technologies and smart supply chain to jointly pursue infinite possibilities of "Internet + pharmaceutical" to create greater values for both companies and ultimately benefit more patients.

Dr. YU Gang commented that as a pioneer and leader in the online healthcare sector, the Company remains committed to providing universal access to safe and trusted pediatric medication in China. With 111's omni-channel commercialization platform and industry leading network, this strategic partnership will benefit millions of pediatric patients by enabling Huluwa Pharmaceutical's high-quality pediatric products to reach millions of children in need of medication.

About Huluwa Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd.

Huluwa Pharmaceutical is committed to the mission "Keeping Chinese Children Healthy". Specializing in children's health, it is a leading high-tech company in China that integrates R&D and production and sales, as well as the leading company in field of pediatric respiratory system domestically.

About 111, Inc.

111, Inc. (NASDAQ: YI) ("111" or the "Company") is a leading digital healthcare platform committed to digitally connecting patients with healthcare products and services in China. The Company provides consumers with better access to pharmaceutical products and healthcare services directly through its online retail pharmacy, 1 Drugstore, and indirectly through its offline virtual pharmacy network. The Company also offers online healthcare services through its internet hospital, 1 Clinic, which provides consumers with cost-effective and convenient online consultation, electronic prescription service, and patient management service. In addition, the Company's online wholesale pharmacy, 1 Drug Mall, serves as a one-stop shop for pharmacies to source a vast selection of pharmaceutical products. With the largest virtual pharmacy network in China, 111 enables offline pharmacies to better serve their customers with cloud-based services. 111 also provides an omni-channel drug commercialization platform to its strategic partners, which includes services such as digital marketing, patient education, data analytics, and pricing monitoring.

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